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Lean environment solutions

Our lean environment solutions are applicable to a wide range of manufacturing, live storage and order picking requirements. The following case studies demonstrate how Flowstore's custom made solutions have improved efficiency and safety in a variety of situations – with the potential to be adapted to the changing needs of the business.

lean environment solutions assembly and material handling

Lean Manufacturing Case Study
Toyota, pioneers of TPS / Lean Manufacturing, adopt FlowTube for the European Global Production Training Centre, E-GPC

Toyota chose FlowTube for the new European Production Training Centre in Derbyshire because the system's versatility makes it ideal for their lean manufacturing continuous improvement applications. Its plastic coated steel tubes, modular connecting joints, roller tracks and accessories allow units to be reconfigured to meet changing training and production needs. For the initial fit-out, Toyota required 30 assembly designs including handgrip and dexterity test units, trolleys, flow racks and signboards.

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lean environment solutions with carton live storage

ESPO improves efficiency and increases safety by using Flowstore's LS2 Carton Live Storage system

Productivity was low, handling laborious and space used inefficiently at the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation distribution warehouse.  ESPO supplies more than 27,000 items to the public sector, with new types and sizes continually introduced. Flowstore installed the adaptable LS2 Live Storage system, an ergonomically designed lean picking system, gravity-fed, with FIFO (first in, first out) storage and condensed pick faces. A new configuration gave optimum use of the existing space and improved work conditions.

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flow rack lean environment solutions for warehouse

Argos improve order picking efficiency by up to 10% with DuraFlow

Argos retails more than 17,000 different products. Installing Flowstore's modular DuraFlow flowrack system at the Lutterworth warehouse resulted in increased capacity, better stock inventory and a 10% improvement in order picking efficiency. DuraFlow met the retailer's flexible needs. The multi-wheel roller track sections can be fitted quickly to existing pallet racking, even at low gradients, or be supplied complete with framework and tracks, while the units are fitted with wide wheels, accommodating virtually all carton variations.

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lean environment solutions and order picking access

Abel & Cole double order picking capacity with LS2

The ergonomically designed Flowstore LS2 Carton Live Storage system enabled Abel & Cole to fulfil their internet fresh food deliveries in time without taking on extra staff when demand doubled following a special promotion. Business is expanding for the organic food specialists who receive and dispatch produce from 100 suppliers. With the order picking system installed quickly and configured to suit a wide range of foods and boxes, LS2 FIFO (first in, first out) stock rotation system was the solution for fast and efficient handling.

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The lean environment solutions provided by Flowstore Systems are specially designed to be ergonomic, time-saving and cost-effective while working within your space constraints. From order picking to manufacturing, we offer customised solutions that have the added benefits of being reusable and adaptable.