Flowstore Logos and Design & custom build with reusable steel tube, joint & accessories: FlowTube

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Design & custom build with reusable steel tube, joint & accessories: FlowTube
FlowTube customised training board
used for testing dexterity

FlowTube – custom, design and build bespoke solutions for industry, manufacturing, business, office and home

With a vast choice of tubes, joints, brackets and accessories FlowTube is the perfect versatile solution for customized and tailored design for all areas of industry, manufacturing, business and organisations. It is equally ideal for consumer and domestic requirements.

You give us the problem -
we will give you the solution

Totally reusable, FlowTube is a made-to-measure solution for every bespoke design requirement and totally supports the principals of Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen.

FlowTube's ease of build, versatility and flexibility allows businesses to respond to the demands of rapid change. The ever increasing range of FlowTube accessories range from castors, adjustable leveling feet, roller tracks and adaptors, hinges, hangers, label holders, tilt bars etc.


FlowTube customised line side mobile flow racks

Customised mobile flow racks Customised mobile flow racks Customised mobile flow racks
FlowTube allows every aspect of a flow rack design, whether mobile or static, to be completely tailored and made to measure. The flow racks can be customised for live storage with a FlowTrack roller system or DuraFlow, and ergonomically designed to increase productivity and/or picking times. Available factory space can be optimised for greater flexibility and productivity.

FlowTube customised for uses peculiar to certain industry application with liquids

Oil Filter Cooler Separator Decanter Oil Filter Cooler Separator Decanter
This FlowTube application demonstrates the true flexibility and versatility of FlowTube

Customised FlowTube trolleys and dollys


Bespoke FlowTube trolley Bespoke FlowTube trolley
Not only is FlowTube a perfect solution for building trolleys and dollys to fulfil any specification, because of the wide range of accessories it can be customised to meet any requirement whether in industry, manufacturing, education, office, retail and other institutions.

Bespoke FlowTube applications for the automotive industry

FlowTube bespoke applications
Wheel arch liner trolley
FlowTube bespoke applications
Mobile storage rack
FlowTube bespoke applications
Bumper protection
storage rack
FlowTube bespoke applications
With the benefit of being able to reconfigure and reuse FlowTube parts and accessories, it is the perfect solution for the ever-
changing manufacturing requirements within the automotive industry.

Bespoke FlowTube applications for industry


Polyester PVC Cradle / hammock Polyester PVC Cradle / hammock
Although this particular model was designed to carry piping this is an ideal structure for any delicate and lightweight component.
FlowTube customised bollard FlowTube customised bollard
FlowTube proved to be the perfect solution for this customised bollard as our clients specified that it must be wider at the top than at the bottom.

Purpose built signs built with FlowTube

FlowTube mobile and static signs FlowTube mobile and static signs FlowTube mobile and static signs
Whether for industry, exhibitions, etc., (permanent or temporary) FlowTube has provided on many occasions the perfect solution to build both mobile and static signs. 

Because of the flexible nature of FlowTube these can be built to virtually any design and reasonable height.