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Flowstore Systems press release archive

FlowTube Modular Stage System
Flowstore has recently launched their innovative FlowTube Modular Stage System - a flexible, competitively priced, easy-to-erect, staging solution. Using reusable steel tubes and joints, the stage modules are pre-built to virtually any specification in terms of height, width, colour, decking etc. It can be either permanent or temporary, its configuration changed in next to no time, and integrated into an existing stage if so desired.
More...  (August 2009)

B & S Healthcare set new standards in customer service with Flowstore Systems storage, handling and picking solution. Using their flagship products, which they manufacture and supply, Flowstore Systems recently installed a multi-product storage and handling system for B & S Healthcare’s new Ruislip warehouse. With a warehouse now four times larger than their former warehouse, increased inventory levels, an expanding international client base, and overall rapid growth B & S Healthcare required Flowstore to design a system that would increase efficiency and customer service. 
More...  (Nov 2007)

Toyota chose FlowTube®
As a leading storage and handling specialist Flowstore Systems Ltd was recently appointed to supply FlowTube® to Toyota’s new European Global Production Centre (E-GPC).Based on proven success, FlowTube® was selected as the most suitable system to support the bespoke construction of equipment for the dedicated production training centre.  
More...  (March 2007)

BCA reconfigure and extend their carton live storage system installed by Flowstore some 20 years ago.
Flowstore's LS2 carton live storage system was selected by BCA (Britain's latest mail order book seller) to reconfigure and extend the system Flowstore originally installed some 20 years ago. Flowstore's T33 Flow Track successfully conveyed piles of books without them spilling over or marking the covers. More .... (February 2007)

Flowstore Systems awarded contract to design and install an order picking system for Lexon
With over 20 years experience in live storage systems and ergonomic picking techniques Flowstore Systems worked closely with Lexon to provide an integrated storage and handling system.  They designed and installed bays of LS2 carton live storage units and ET2 Ergo-Tilt shelving to create an efficient order picking system for both fast and medium throughput products. more....  (January 2007)

Flowstore Systems to launch DuraFlow at IMHX
Flowstore Systems to launch DuraFlow. DuraFlow is a pre-assembled, modular wheel system which instantly converts pallet rack into carton flow rack. Also exhibited are FlowTube and the ergonomically designed Flowstore LS2 Carton Live Storage Carton Live Storage system.  More..... (January 2007)

Argos pallet racks are revolutionised by DuraFlow from Flowstore Systems
Argos Facilities Manager recognises the benefits of DuraFlow, a pre-assembled, modular wheel system, as having potential to provide a flexible solution for their storage needs. More … (December 2006)

Flowstore Systems contracted by Waverly TBS after Buncefield explosion
Flowstore, who originally designed and installed a fully integrated storage and handling system for Waverly TBS, were amazed that their pallet racking and pallets were still in place, whereas steel cladding panels etc were ripped apart as a result of the explosion. Flowstore Systems were contracted to project manage a complex recovery plan. More …  (November 2006)

Flowstore Systems introduces DuraFlow and add a new dimension to pallet racking
Storage specialist Flowstore introduces DuraFlow, the new pre-assembled modular wheel system designed to simply and quickly convert most pallet rack structures into dynamic, versatile carton flow storage.  More …  (October 2006)