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BCA acknowledge Flowstore’s storage expertise

BCA acknowledge Flowstore’s storage expertiseBCA, Britains biggest mail order book seller acknowledged the proven product range and services of Flowstore Systems by appointing them to assist in the reconfiguration and extension of the carton live storage system which they installed some 20 years ago.

Founded in 1966, BCA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the international media giant Bertelsmann and is one of the world’s leading media companies. BCA works closely with publishers and international colleagues to offer customers the best possible selection of superb books, products and services at outstanding value for money and a variety of sales channels. BCA’s head office is located in London, with warehousing facilities in Swindon.

Another chapter with Flowstore Systems
BCA have recently streamlined their operations at their Swindon warehouse, where their packers despatch between 20,000 and 30,000 orders per day, dependant on seasonal demand.

As a result, Flowstore Systems was contacted by Distribution Manager Tim Richards and his colleagues to assist in reconfiguration and extension of the existing live storage picking system. Tim commented, “With a range of products and service proven over the years, it made sense to ask storage and handling specialist Flowstore to assist with planning from the outset.”

Managing Director of Flowstore Systems, Simon Dennis reported, “We originally started working with Leisure Circle back in 1980, who were eventually taken over by BCA , moving operations over to Swindon. Since that time and through various stages of development, Flowstore have continued to supply equipment which is still giving excellent service many years on.
As part of this latest project, we have been able to upgrade or refurbish some racking to new requirements, as well as adding two new pick lines from our LS2 carton live storage system.”

Flowstore LS2 is ideal for order picking operations and provides maximum flexibility and adjustability to meet customers current and future storage needs. This versatile system can provide dynamic storage for cartons, tote boxes, trays and even unpacked items such as books and simplifies inventory of stock. Products are offered on ergonomic order picking face to support manual handling and  presented on a first-in first-out stock rotation.
Some 75 new Flowstore LS2 live storage bays were supplied, each providing five flowshelf pick levels to give approximately 1800 new pick locations. The LS2 live storage system was also designed to provide integrated conveyor supports for the new and extended belt and powered roller conveyor and sortation system which  Flowstore installed.

An interesting feature of the system is that the books mainly run in stacks directly on the rollers, with very little use of outer cartons. This can only be achieved with low friction, free-running roller tracks allowing for the smooth transportation of books from the loading face to the order pick face. Utilising Flowstore’s T33 FlowTrack has successfully conveyed piles of books down low gradient shelving with out them spilling over.

Also, Project Engineer Colin Heath noted,” Having little cardboard waste to dispose of at the pick face creates a cleaner working environment and supports more efficient, continuous order picking without having to laboriously open or remove empty cartons.

The system is further protected from airborne dust or possible falling debris by a clear polycarbonate cellular sheeting which was fitted by Flowstore on to a tailored framework positioned over the top of the racks and cantilevered over the conveyor.
We pride ourselves in delivering books in pristine condition. By protecting goods in store from the working environment and utilising Flowstore roller tracks to successfully transfer books in storage without marking covers, we ensure that our customers receive goods to the highest quality.

Flowstore worked very closely with the BCA team and cost effectively upgraded existing equipment where feasible and completed the installation on time and within budget, therefore validating our decision to appoint  Flowstore to assist with our storage and handling requirements.”


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