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FlowTube Modular Stage System

stage & staging system storage trolley school stage & models catwalk system’s compact mobile storage trolley
2.	FlowTube models catwalk staging system base units with fixing plates stage system with steps and handrails
2.	FlowTube models catwalk staging system base units with fixing plates Tubes for FlowTube staging system & school stage

Flowstore has recently launched their innovative FlowTube Modular Stage System - a flexible, competitively priced, easy-to-erect, staging solution. Using reusable steel tubes and joints, the stage modules are pre-built to virtually any specification in terms of height, width, colour, decking etc. It can be either permanent or temporary, its configuration changed in next to no time, and integrated into an existing stage if so desired.

When not in use the decking panels, along with the tubular base units, nest inside each other onto a compact mobile trolley.

The benefits of the FlowTube Modular Stage System is that it can be customised; be one level or tiered; and be set up to any configuration. Can be used inside or out, It is mobile, strong, safe and lightweight; there are a number of colour options and choice of decking surfaces; fascia panels, hand-rails and other extras can be easily added.

“With the modular stage, it can be erected in a few minutes which made the caretaker’s job really easy! … We also appreciated that the stage height and stair tread risers were customised to match the main school platform.”,
Special needs school. Pield Heath School, Hillingdon.

It is the perfect solution for a school stage, community hall, portable or mobile stage, model catwalk or fashion runway, or for example, a concert stage or church stage.

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