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B & S Healthcare set new standards in customer service with Flowstore Systems storage, handling and picking solution. Using their flagship products, which they manufacture and supply, Flowstore Systems recently installed a multi-product storage and handling system for B & S Healthcare’s new Ruislip warehouse. With a warehouse now four times larger than their former warehouse, increased inventory levels, an expanding international client base, and overall rapid growth B & S Healthcare required Flowstore to design a system that would increase efficiency and customer service.

“....the service from Flowstore was excellent,”
commented B&S Project and Logistics Manager, Barry Barrett.

Flowstore Managing Director Simon Dennis said, “ The B&S project was ideal in that it mostly required our own manufactured products which benefited B&S in terms of cost and turn-around.

To guarantee first-in-first-out (FIFO) stock rotation and to improve picking speeds for faster movers we specified LS2 live storage system. In addition we manufactured purpose-designed packing tables, trolleys and bespoke workstations from our flexible FlowTube range. To make out-feed conveyors from the packing areas we combined the new DuraFlow multi-wheel roller track system with customised stands.

The Flowstore equipment was combined with areas of pallet rack and shelving, with the mezzanine floor being serviced by a powered belt conveyor.

Dedicated to the import and distribution of high quality pharmaceutical and healthcare products B & S Healthcare is a fast growing and innovative distributor, now in the UK’s top 5, serving the UK pharmaceutical market.  Part of their growth strategy was a move to the new and larger Ruislip premises in early 2007.

The new building has seen investment in a whole package of new systems and equipment, which is planned to enhance the services offered to their customers and suppliers. Part of that investment was the storage, handling and picking facility supplied by Flowstore Systems.
“Any project like a new building is bound to have a few points that need sorting as you go,” commented B&S Project and Logistics Manager Barry Barrett, “ but we found the service from Flowstore was excellent. If anything needed modification they were very responsive and I found their Sales Engineer able to quickly solve and provide application requirements very promptly.”

B & S are hoping to further build on their success with the expansion opportunities the new warehouse provides. “We were recently very pleased to receive top marks from some lean efficiency consultants who visited us”, said Barry. “This shows we got the design about right.”

Satisfied inspection reports on the new facility also from the Regulatory Authorities further gives B&S confidence that they, their customers and suppliers will maximise the benefits from this major investment.

A large amount of Flowstore’s activities centre on order picking and production assembly efficiencies, assisting companies with the implementation of “lean” techniques. This can be seen across a very diverse client base from automotive assemblers including Toyota to medical equipment manufacturers such as Huntleigh Healthcare, plus a wide range of consumer product retailers.



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