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Case Study Argos instal DuraFlow as a flexible solution for their storage and improve their order picking by 10%

carton flow rack with DuraFlow

Instantly converts existing pallet rack into carton flow rack.

More cartons, more configurations - in less space!

DuraFlow is a modular system of pre-assembled, multi-wheel roller track sections which instantly converts pallet racks into carton flow racks.  The densely-packed bed of wheels provides up to 90% space utilisation and will improve your picking efficiency.  DuraFlow can either be fitted to an existing pallet rack or supplied in a custom made framework.

Inventory management could not be simpler. Continual track adjustments are not necessary for new product carton sizes due to the complete bed of wheels.

Quick and simple to install.
Flowstore sales engineers can advise you the correct sizes for fitting to existing rack. It couldn’t be quicker to install. Re-position a beam at the loading face to create the right slope and hook on the track sections.

To change back to beam pallet rack - simply unhook and remove the track sections.

We can also supply and install complete systems with rack frameworks.

DuraFlow is virtually maintenance free and highly durable. DuraFlow track sections have strong, self-lubricating, spring-loaded, multi-wheel axle assemblies with re-enforced wheels. Typically a 2000mm deep x 2700mm wide double-sided pallet rack bay can carry almost 1400kg per level with only one beam at each rack face, and a clear span between.

Excellent return on investment (roi).
With condensed pick faces and thus faster picking and better FIFO inventory, the installation can pay for itself in a short time.

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The benefits of DuraFlow

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DuraFlow specifications and accessories

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