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FlowTube flow rack / FIFO rack / gravity fed rack examples and case studies

FlowTube™ is the perfect modular system to build customised flow racks, both static and mobile, – also known as FIFO racks, gravity flow racks etc. The flexible and durable nature of FlowTube means a customised and bespoke FIFO solution can be designed.

Gravity flow racks can be built to integrate the flow track roller system, Duraflow, Flowstore roller tracks or other material handling features. Flowstore roller tracks have solid steel spindles for greater impact resistance.

Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing principles can be easily implemented using FlowTube to create an ergonomically designed system. With the wide range of accessories available your rack can be easily designed and / or re-configured to suit all types and sizes of product ranges.

Whichever industry you work in, whether for industry, distribution, retail, private businesses or government organisations - the list is endless, FlowTube can help to reduce costs and improve your quality of output or the working environment.

Flow rack workstations - for order picking and packing efficiency you can integrate a modular Flow Rack system into a workstation. Our gravity Flow Racks makes it easier to organize stock for assembly operations.

ESD gravity flow racks – All FlowTube flow racks and FIFO racks can be made to fit ESD criteria using specially coated tubes.

Colour Schemes and Finishes. FlowTube offers a wide range of colour coded tubes as well as stainless steel, which has great advantages of high strength to weight ratio.


gravity rack, gravity racking & gravity feed rackTypes of Flow Racks

  • Free standing flow racks
  • Mobile / portable flow racks
  • Adjustable flow racks
  • Ergonomic flow racks
  • Industrial flow racks
  • Assembly flow racks
  • Flow rack workstations
  • ESD flow racks
  • Modular flow racks
flow rack & flow racking from FlowTube

Benefits of FlowTube Flow Racks

  • Optimises order fulfilment speeds
  • Non powered retrieval system
  • Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen principles are easily integrated
  • Can be designed and customised / modified for specific activity
  • Castors, brakes and other accessories are available
  • Tubes, joints etc can be re-used once the flow rack is no longer needed
  • The width between the rack levels can be customised
  • The flow racks can be made to fit within any available space
  • The flow racks can be integrated with a conveyor or any other system
  • Ergonomic
  • Can take both small to medium sized parts / boxes
  • Easy to assemble, or we can assemble it for you.
gracity fed rack, gravity feed rack & gravity flow rack flow racking, FIFO racking & gravity flow racking
Flow racks can be tailor made to any reasonable width as demonstrated here by two gravity flow racks customised for one of our cients in the automotive industry.