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Flowstore Systems Ltd - storage, material handling and custom solutions

Flowstore offer material handling, storage and custom made solutions for manufacturing, storage and distribution. 

See below for our information that can be downloaded. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to phone us on (0)845 270 3633 (charged at local rate) or 020 8581 5555

flowtube tube and bracket catalogue

FlowTube Catalogue - January 2016

Details and technical information about the FlowTube system are in our FlowTube catalogue, which outlines the tubes, joints, components and accessories. In addition to the tubes and top-selling metal joints, it covers roller tracks, castors, tube adapters, plastic joints and parts, plus box guides, fixings, nameplates, plastic channels and other accessories.

Click here to download the 164 page FlowTube Catalogue

aluminium pipe racking system tube racking system

Aluminium Pipe Racking System Catalogue New

The addition of aluminium is a natural extension to the FlowTube product range as the system follows the international tube standard of 27.6mm diameter, ensuring interchangeability with the current system.

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43mm aluminium pipe and tube system for lean manufacturing

43mm Aluminium Tube / Pipe Racking System Catalogue New

Go wider, higher and stronger with our new 43mm FlowTube Aluminium tube / pipe. It includes a wide range of tubes, joints and accessories, which is being continually added to. Both Aluminium sizes can be used together as joints from 27.6mm Aluminium range are usable on the 43mm tubes.

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flowtube bespoke solutions assembly guide

FlowTube Design and Assembly Guide

Our 30 page comprehensive Design and Assembly Guide outlines what the FlowTube system is; when to use FlowTube; why it is ideal for a Lean Manufacturing environment. It covers our terminology; how it is supplied; a comprehensive design and planning guide outlining good practice; ergonomics; technical characteristics; roller track strength; floor loading and general design tips; assembly guidelines and general safety advice.

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safe walk signs safety signs mats and flooring

Safe Walk & Signs - Safety Signs, Flooring and Ergonomic Mats for Lean Manufacturing.

We have a wide choice of both DuraStripe floor / aisle marking and Ergomat Safety Flooring which comply with health and safety and are perfect for a 5S, Kaizen and Lean environments. Durastripe floor signs convey a clear visual information. Easy to apply, they resist fading, smears and scuffs. Applications range from economical low profile to heavy duty industrial floor marking. Custom floor markings are available. Ergomat offers a range of industrial safety industrial mats and flooring to suit all workplaces, from school, hospital and retail to the most critical manufacturing situations etc.

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flowtube bespoke solutions assembly guide

FlowTube Case Study - Toyota's European Global Production Training Centre

FlowTube was selected by the new European Production Training Centre in Burnaston, Derbyshire, as the most suitable system to be adopted by their training programme. A wide variety of training equipment & applications for assembly, handling & many other requirements could be built from the versatile & re-useable plastic coated steel tubes, modular connecting joints, roller tracks & accessories.

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flowtube tube and bracket catalogue

FlowTube Leaflet

A two-page leaflet giving you a quick overview of what FlowTube can used for, how simple it is to assemble, typical applications, and a bit about ourselves.

Click here to download the FlowTube 2 page Leaflet

flowtube modular stage assembly guide

Modular Stage Systems Catalogue

Click here to download the Modular Stage Systems Catalogue

flowtube modular stage assembly guide

Modular Stage Systems Assembly Guide

FlowTube’s Modular Stage System provides highly versatile, competitive solutions in staging requirements for all occasions. It’s light, quick and easy to assemble, and can be used as a stand-alone, portable stage, or incorporated into an existing stage system. We offer single level and multi level kits as well as a customised solution.

Click here to download the Modular Stage System Assembly Guide

flowtube custom assembly solutions cd

FlowTube CD

The FlowTube catalogue and Assembly Guide are included on our FlowTube CD. It also includes the examples of customised solutions such as storage and shelving, work benches, flow racks, and display boards and trolleys.

If you wish to receive a copy of our CD, click here

carton live storage system from flowstore

DuraFlow Case Study - Argos

Argos chose Flowstore’s range of DuraFlow modular multi-wheel roller track sections, as they recognised that DuraFlow had potential to provide a flexible solution to their storage needs.
The subsequent changes at Argos have improved order picking efficiency by up to 10%, increased warehouse capacity, allowed for better inventory of stock and some 1,600 pick locations.

Click here to download the Argos case study

carton live storage system from flowstore

LS2 Case Study Abel & Cole

Internet organic food delivery specialists, Abel & Cole, met peak demands with a newly installed Flowstore’s carton live storage order picking system, LS2. Picking capacity doubled and picks-per-person increased.

Click here to download the Abel & Cole case study