Flowstore’s customer service and commitment

High Customer Service Levels

Here at Flowstore we pride ourselves on customer service. Key customers have stayed with us for many years. If we say we will deliver, we keep to our word. If we know we cannot - we tell you.

We like to listen to what customers want, and keep you informed as your project progresses

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Delivering on Our Promises

FlowStore’s takes care to match its promises with action. We are proud of our consistency and long record in supplying material handling and Lean Manufacturing innovative solutions that work.

Checks in place throughout the build process ensure the integrity of your designs, on-time delivery, defect-free assembly and ease of use.

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Listening to Customers

Whatever the requirement, Flowstore’s excellent customer service is there to offer guidance. 

Our team of lean engineers will visit your site and discuss your industry application in detail, offering advice and experience to ensure that you get a solution that will work.

Under a deadline? - We will always try to accommodate flexibility in delivery options to meet your production requirements.

Want to justify capital expenditure? - We can work with you in justifying to senior employees ROI investments, so that you can achieve the goals set.

How FlowStore Keeps You Informed

All Flowstore orders have a job ‘Charlie’ – our in-house term for the team member assigned to your project, whether for a modest stock parts order, or a large assembly line system.      

He or she will let you know a likely delivery date, and later confirm the actual date, checking your opening hours.    

The Charlie will avoid trying to deliver on the Fridays you close early, and will also ask for details of your delivery contact person by name, email and phone - and for a reserve contact ‘just in case’.

Keeping you informed shows we care about customer service and relations.

Customer Services in Lean Manufacturing Support

Our customer care is of prime importance to all of us at Flowstore Systems. From quotation, design and assembly to final delivery, we want to ensure that the completion and supply of your project fulfils your requirements.

You can be assured of excellent customer services in lean manufacturing support, from the simplest production and assembly line to the most complex live storage order picking layout.