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Types of workstations
  • Free standing workstation / workbench
  • Mobile / portable workstation / workbench
  • Adjustable workstation / workbench
  • Packing workstation / workbench – can include paper spool holders, under     surface spool holder, adjustable metal shelves, metal dividers, rotary arm etc
  • Single / double sided workstation / workbench – one, two, four station etc.
  • Ergonomic workstation / workbench
  • Industrial workstation / workbench  - heavy and medium duty
  • Assembly workstation / workbench
  • Flow rack workstation / workbench
  • Flow work cell
  • In-line conveyor station
  • Computer / LAN workstation / workbench
  • Office workstation / workbench
  • Home workstation / workbench
  • Corner workstation / workbench
  • Cantilever Workstation
  • Electronics workbench
  • Garage workstation / workbench
  • Workstation cupboard
  • ESD workstation / workbench
  • Modular workstation / workbench
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FlowTube – Workstations, Workbenches & Assembly Cells

FlowTube is the perfect system to build workstations and workbenches that fulfil all the latest manufacturing and production philosophies, in particular the Five-S Kaizen Principles, which drive modern manufacturing.

We are confident in making this claim as Toyota, the pioneers of the TPS a forerunner to Lean Manufacturing, are using the FlowTube system in their European Training School.

The FlowTube workstations and workbenches can be used by any sector of business, including general assembly, manufacturing and material handlings such as electronics and medical equipment, automotive and component manufacturing.

With the extensive range of accessories workstations can be built to a detailed specification for an exact task, and continually modified to meet changing requirements. Workplace efficiency is further improved when the workstation, or bench, is constructed integrating ergonomic principles.

The Five-S (5S) of the workplace – namely, Sort (organise), Straighten (arrange for ease of access), Shine (neatness and cleanliness), Standardize (create a system) and Sustain (exercise discipline) can be the driving factor behind the design regardless of application.

The large range of available accessories means the workstation or bench can be customised at the time of build, or as the need arises.  Versatility can be incorporated into the initial build that allows various adjustments to be made, for example, the inclusion of an adjustable height facility.

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Additional features

Lean workstations and workbenches - integrate all Lean Manufacturing principles for production efficiency. Shadow boards, gravity fed roller tracks etc can be integrated into the initial design or added later.

Flow rack workstations and workbenches - for order picking and packing efficiency you can integrate a modular Flow Rack system. Our gravity Flow Racks makes it easier to organize stock for assembly operations.

ESD workstations and workbenches – All FlowTube workstations and workbenches can be made to fit ESD criteria using specially coated tubes.

Adjustable height workstations and workbenches – Workstations and workbenches built with FlowTube can have an integrated adjustable height facility to give flexibility on demand.

Colour Schemes and Finishes. FlowTube offers a wide range of colour coded tubes as well as stainless steel, which has great advantages of high strength to weight ratio.


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