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FlowTube staging system & school stage

Customised banner frames for internal and external use

The modern and attractive design of our banner frames makes it a complete and perfect solution for all your banner display needs such as, fundraising, marketing campaigns, store openings, and county shows etc. Heavy duty yet easy to handle, the pvc banners are quick to build and dismantles in no time without needing any specialised tools.

The key thing is that our banner frames are customised to the exact size you want with a choice of colour tubes; the banner frame can be single or double sided; can be used both inside and out and can be free standing or fixed to a wall.  Should you ever need to change its size, the modular tube system can be resized and reused.

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Compared to a standard banner frame unit it is competitively priced, easy to assemble and disassemble, and supplied with bungees. Due to it’s versatility the banner display frames can be transported in the back of your van or family car in it’s entirety, or partly or fully disassembled.

The portability, flexibility, and ease of use of our banner frames are just some of the reasons why it’s the perfect banner frame solution!  Its lightweight feature yet robust design allows it to be used for a long period of time, whether for indoor or outdoor activities. The length of our banner display frames can be customised as well for convenience and easy storage.

We can supply you with a banner display frame with a printed PVC banners from your artwork, which we can arrange for you. Due to the sturdy nature of FlowTube we can supply you with large banner frames and double sided banner frames, which can either be temporary or permanent. You can even choose the colour of the tubes with a choice of finishes to the joints to come up with different stunning and effective finish!

Typical uses of a FlowTube Banner Frame

  • Outdoor & external banner frames
  • Small and large banner frames
  • Single and double sided banner frames
  • Temporary and permanent displays
  • Interior and exterior banner frames
  • Wall mounted banner frames
  • Portable displays
  • Freestanding banner frames