ALUMINIUM TUBE / PIPE 28mm, 33mm & 43mm

An aluminium tube / pipe modular system is now available from FlowStore, complementing our traditional FlowTube steel tube / pipe racking system.  

Pipe racking equipment is versatile, flexible, reusable and can be modified as desired, offering custom designed structures for many industrial and manufacturing applications.  

Installation is simple as no welding is required; structures are quickly and easily assembled using interlocking joints and connectors.

Inner Aluminium Joint

Aluminium tubes are ideal for many customised requirements, including assembly benches, work stations, AGV trolleys and flow racks as well as exhibition stands, display boards and garment rails.

Also available in Steel

flowtube steel and aluminium tubes connected together


Our aluminium tubing can be used in a stand-alone structure or conveniently combined with our steel modular system since it is designed to use the same diameter tube.

solutions for industry with modular aluminium tubing


Accessories include roller tracks, lane divider guides and label holders.

Many special accessories can be created thanks to the unique properties of aluminium extrusion and casting processes.

aluminium tubing joint system for parallel pipes

Drawslides and rotational accessories, screen mounts, pulleys and gas struts etc can be incorporated into solutions. Louvred or Perfo panels and shadow boards can also be mounted.

aluminium tubing joint completed on parallel pipes

Our Aluminium system can also interconnect with industry-standard square and rectangular aluminium profiles, and some special FlowTube Aluminium squared profiles will become available in 2018


A particular benefit of our round tubes is the absence of deep grooves which can permit dirt and debris to accumulate.  

There is a complete range of aluminium tube connectors, joints and accessories. The standard 28mm diameter aluminium tubes are available in various profiles strengths: regular and heavy duty profiled tube; regular and heavy duty round tube; T-slot pipe; and slide pipe.

Due to the versatility of aluminium extrusion processes, there are also specialist extrusions, such as double tubes (figure of eight shape) and other composite shapes.  

Many of the steel joints and accessories can be used with aluminium tubing. In addition, the aluminium joints come in both standard (‘outer’ A) type, and where smoother or sleeker appearance is required, flush (‘inner’ B type) versions are available.

The aluminium range also has a heavier duty 43mm diameter tube size. These can be stand-alone constructions, but can also combine with the 28mm size, as many joint parts and accessories are dual-use.  

Apart from greater weight-bearing, the applications for 43mm size include access platforms and walk-over bridging units, complete with handrails, kick-plates, stairways and gates.


An aluminium tube system offers many advantages: -  

  • It is much lighter than steel, so trolleys or mobile units reduce labour effort to move.
  • Many people appreciate the aesthetics of aluminium, especially with the choice of flush connector joints.
  • It is easier and quicker to cut for self-assembly.
  • Made from environmentally-friendly aluminium alloy material.
  • Off-cuts or redundant parts are fully recyclable.
  • Tubes are hard-wearing, having a PE coated surface which is more durable than anodising, to better retain smart appearance.
  • Joints have a special surface treatment to resist corrosion.
  • The aluminium modular system provides a high strength to weight ratio.
  • Outer joints connect around the outer face of the tubes

aluminium tube and joint diagram

  • Where smoother continuous surfaces are required, it has inner joints where tube surface is flush with joint surface.
  • Electrostatic discharge compliant units can be created using earth-bonding clips between components, combined with correct ESD practice.


Our aluminium tube systems are ideal in Lean Manufacturing and production environments because they offer:

  • Supreme versatility of use, ideal for Continuous Improvement

aluminium tube solution customised for lean manufacturing

  • High aesthetic value in the workplace

corner aluminium joint for flowtube modular system

  • Ability to be used together with the standard steel Flow Tube system, whose

Aluminium Tubing Joint2

roller tracks, shelving and decking make the system even more flexible.